The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders

(14 ratings)
Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale. The attempt to get the red suitcase that will save the day they rob the main vault at the EEC headquarters in Brussels and end up hijacking a tank. Watch The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders For Free on 123Movies

Genres: Family Comedy Crime

Stars: Lene Brøndum  Dick Kaysø  Ove Sprogøe  Morten Grunwald  Poul Bundgaard  Kirsten Walther  Axel Strøbye  Ole Ernst  Bjørn Watt-Boolsen  Peter Steen  Ove Verner Hansen  Buster Larsen  Jes Holtsø  Hanne Løye  Kirsten Norholt 

Directing: Erik Balling  Rob Klug  James Hanlon  Makis Papadimitratos 

Country: DK

Runtime: 108 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 1979-12-26

IMDB: 6.9/10


Subtitles:Over 80 Languages